What Color Do You Hear? Watch DUO in Action!

April 12, 2016 by admin

Regardless of proficiency level or L1 background, all English learners need to be let in on the secret: English is a stress-based language, and without effective placement of stress,
even the most advanced learner’s speech can be rendered incomprehensible. The Color Vowel® Chart serves as a powerful visual organizer for the way words sound.

juanitosarahplayingBy incorporating the Color Vowel® Chart into our DUO card game, we’ve creating a way for learners to PLAY their way toward stronger pronunciation. With each spoken turn of the game, learners bridge the gap between spoken and written English, buidling confidence among emerging readers, ESL students, international students, and adult learners of English.

Watch Duo in action HERE.

Wildly popular since its launch in 2015, DUO is selling faster than we can make it. The problem is, we’re so busy printing small (expensive) batches of the game, we don’t have the capital to produce a large run of the game.

The solution? We’re crowdfunding our publishing project so that we can print a large run of 5,000 professional-grade decks with retail packaging and offer it for a price that families and teachers can afford.

This is the last week of our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and we still need your help! We are a little over $14,000 from reaching our goal by April 18, 2016… that’s only 5 days left!

Here are some ways to support us:

  • Contribute $25 and receive a professional-grade deck of DUO in a pretty tuck box!
  • Contribute $85 and receive 4 decks of DUO plus our fabulous printable game, “Color Vowel Memory: Tricky Words”
  • Contribute $121 and receive 4 decks of DUO to share with a classroom of your choice One SIGNED #WhatColorDoYouHear poster designed and signed by Laura, ourDuo game developer, graphic designer, photographer, and ESL teacher to name a few.
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