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Color Vowel Duo is now Color it out! It’s the same game with a neat new name. Thank you to everyone who made our latest manufacturing effort a success through their generous Kickstarter contributions.

Below is an excerpt of the instructions for Color it out! (The downloadable document contains additional information, including the full-color images used in the game.)


Always shuffle your Color it out! deck before playing. Give each player 7 cards. Place the rest of the cards face down in a neat pile. Next to the pile, turn one card up. This will be the discard pile.

Taking a Spoken Turn:

Color it out! is an interactive game that relies on each player taking a Spoken Turn. Each player’s Spoken Turn follows a six-word pattern based on two cards: the card on top of the pile and the card they are about to play.

What does a Spoken Turn sound like? Here are three examples:

“GREEN TEA please, GREEN TEA free”

“BLUE MOON shoe, BLUE MOON afternoon”

“RED DRESS bread, RED DRESS yes”

Saying the stressed vowel sound in BLUE and MOON primes you to use the same sound in the underlined portion of the featured words (shoe, afternoon) despite the different spelling patterns. For each card played, you should notice the same vowel sound six times: 3 times from the card on top of the pile, and 3 more times from the card now being played.


The player looks at their cards and tries to match one of the colors on the top card of the discard pile. If the player has a match, they take a Spoken Turn and play their matching card. If a player has no matches in their cards, they must draw cards until they have a matching card. (Game variation 1: Instead of drawing cards until a match is made, you can decide that the player draws only one card and then the turn passes to the next player. Game variation 2: Allow players to draw up to 3 cards before the turn passes.)

Key Word Phrases:

Each Spoken Turn revolves around a single COLOR VOWEL Key Word Phrase (such as GREEN TEA). Be sure that all players are familiar with these phrases before playing: (for more info go to


There are two ways to win. Decide before the start of the game which way is going to be played.
• Going out first – The game continues until a player has no more cards in their hand, and they win!
• Scoring points – The first person to get rid of their cards in a game receives points for all of the cards left in their opponents’ hands as follows: regular cards = 10 points each / plus 2, reverse, skip = 20 points each / WILD, WILD +4 = 50 points each. Whoever reaches 500 points first wins!

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