Publications featuring The Color Vowel Chart

Teaching the Pronunciation of English, edited by John Murphy (2017). Chapter contributed by Karen Taylor de Caballero and Claire Schneider: The Color Vowel Chart: Beginning Adult ESL.

Pronunciation: The Overlooked Essential, edited by Tamara Jones (2016). Chapter by Kay Ahmad features the Color Vowel Chart.

Recommended Reading

The Prosody Pyramid, by Judy Gilbert, is a marvelously concise yet comprehensive introduction to stress as a main organizing feature of spoken English.

Other Resources We Like

Accent Diversity

The Sound of Inclusion: Why Teachers’ Words Matter (April 2017), article by Christine Mallinson & Charity Hudley. “There isn’t just one way to sound like a scientist, or to sound like a scholar. Scientists and scholars come from a wide variety of backgrounds and speak in different ways, in different accents, dialects and languages.”

The Language and Life Project: website with educational and cultural resources, podcasts, and more. “Our country has over 15 distinct dialects and 300 other thriving languages. The Language and Life Project was established in 1993 by Dr. Walt Wolfram, of North Carolina State University, in order to document the dialects of North Carolina and beyond. We work to document and celebrate the vast diversity of speech through research, education, and various media.”

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