Past Conferences and Workshops

ELTS trainers have delivered hundreds of hours of high-quality professional development on the topic of English language instruction, pronunciation, vocabulary development, and sound awareness. Below is a sampling of the conferences we’ve supported and the work we’ve done both individually and collaboratively over the last 20 years.

MAACE • Linthicum MD • May 3-4, 2018
R. Wilner, Teaching Spoken English with the Color Vowel Chart (exhibitor session)

TESOL International Convention • Chicago IL • March 27, 2019
Pre-Convention Institute (PCI #3): “Phonological awareness for educators: Sound practices for teaching English”with Dr. Robin Barr, Karen Taylor & Shirley Thompson

A Sound Approach to Spelling: Engage and Empower Your Learners
L. McIndoo & K. Taylor

  • TESOL International Conference. Seattle, Washington, a 4 hour PCI workshop (4/20/17)

Phonological awareness: What your brain doesn’t want you to know
R. Barr, K. Taylor & S. Thompson

  • CATESOL Annual Conference. Pomona, California, a plenary delivered by Karen Taylor (5/3/17)
  • TESOL International Conference. Baltimore, Maryland, a 1.5 hour workshop (3/7/16)
  • TESOL International Conference. Toronto, Canada, a 1.5 hour workshop (3/26/15)
    Participant Testimonial: So happy I got to hear not 1 but TWO #colorvowelchart based presentations at #TESOL15.#mindofficiallyblown @colorvowelchart you are geniuses (by @classwithcourt)
  • Colorado TESOL Conference. Denver CO, 1.5-hour workshop (11/13/14)
  • California TESOL Conference. Santa Clara CA, 1.5-hour workshop (10/25/2014)
    Participant Testimonial: I don’t think I’ve ever been with a more skillful presenter. It was like watching a high-wire artist, but with NO misgivings: you know she’s totally secure up there. We were in the palm of her hand! (by Laurel Pollard)
  • Washington Area TESOL Convention. Shady Grove MD, 1.5 hour workshop (10/18/2014)

Supporting literacy with the Color Vowel Chart
K. Taylor

Integrating pronunciation across the Adult ESL curriculum
K. Taylor

  • COABE Pre-Conference Session. Denver CO, 6-hour workshop (4/22/15)

Coloring pronunciation across the ESL/EFL curriculum
K. Taylor & S. Thompson

  • California TESOL Conference. Santa Clara CA, 1.5-hour workshop (10/24/2014)
  • Mountain Plains Adult Education Association Conference. Santa Fe NM, 3-hour workshop (5/28/14)
  • TESOL Pre-Convention Institute. Portland OR, 6-hour workshop (3/27/2014)
    Participant Testimonial: This was an engaging, helpful, practical, and theoretically sound presentation. Wonderful presenters, presentation and timing. After lunch is usually deadly, but the presenters paced everything perfectly. Thank you!
  • Colorado TESOL Convention. Denver CO, 1.5 hour workshop (11/9/13)
  • New Mexico TESOL Conference. Albuquerque NM, 1.5 hour workshop (10/25/2013)

Replacing “long” and “short” with the Color Vowel™ Chart
K. Taylor & S. Thompson

Phonological awareness for ESL/EFL educators: Sound practices
R. Barr, K. Taylor & S. Thompson

  • TESOL Pre-Convention Institute. Toronto, Canada, 4-hour workshop (3/25/2015)

Pronunciation: Include it in every class!
S. Thompson

  • MCAEL Instructor workshop. Rockville, MD, 3-hour workshop (2/27/2015)

Bridging the spelling-sound divide: Supporting literacy with The Color Vowel Chart
K. Taylor

  • Talk delivered at the Santa Fe Women’s Club & Library Association, Santa Fe NM (9/15/2014)

Teaching spoken English with the Color Vowel Chart
K. Taylor & S. Thompson

Speaking clearly: How to maximize students’ understanding of your own spoken English
K. Taylor

  • Workshop for campus faculty at Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe NM (2/14/2013)

Using Readers Theater in the English as a foreign language classroom
K. Taylor

  • U.S. State Department Webinar delivered to 800 participants worldwide (11/14/2012)
    Participant Testimonial: Karen, you are a great presenter and obviously a very good teacher. Thank you so much!!!


See what you hear with the Color Vowel Chart
K. Taylor & S. Thompson

  • Georgia TESOL, Atlanta GA (10/26/2012)
  • Oregon TESOL, Portland OR (11/17/2012)
  • Colorado TESOL, Denver CO (11/13/2010)
  • New Mexico TESOL/ New Mexico Adult Education Conference, Los Lunes NM (11/6/2010)
  • Arizona TESOL Conference, Phoenix AZ (10/9/2010)

Teaching pronunciation for literacy and vocabulary development
K. Taylor

  • New Mexico Higher Education Department Adult Basic Education Conference, Albuquerque NM (5/22/2012)

Teaching pronunciation, vocabulary, and more: A color-based approach
K. Taylor

  • ESL workshop for Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe, Santa Fe NM (4/12/2012)

Teaching pronunciation: Focus on comprehensibility
K. Taylor & S. Thompson

  • TESOL Pre-Convention Institute (6-hour workshop). Philadelphia PA (3/27/2012)
    Participant Testimonial: Really enjoyed the Color Vowel Chart, vowel yoga, goalkeeper “schwa.” I’ve been teaching pronunciation for 12 years, and this was new for me. Thank you!

Teaching pronunciation: Vowel quality and suprasegmentals
K. Taylor & S. Thompson

  • TESOL Pre-Convention Institute (6-hour workshop). New Orleans LA (3/15/2011)
    Participant Testimonial: One of the best workshops I have attended. [Shirley and Karen] achieved an excellent balance between structure and achieving workshop objectives and staying flexible and incorporating participant contributions and concerns. They modeled good teaching/facilitating and helped participants feel comfortable immediately.

Principles & techniques for the pronunciation classroom (6-hour workshop)
B. Brady & K. Taylor

  • American University TESOL Workshop, Washington DC. (Annually, 2003-2005, 2007, 2009).
  • Arlington Education Employment Program (REEP) Workshop, Arlington VA. (11/20/2004)

Start with speaking: Teaching pronunciation and oral communication
K. Taylor

  • Foreign Service Institute, Overseas Briefing Center, Alexandria VA. (Twice annually, 2004-2009)

Start spinning webs for listening and pronunciation
H. Gray & K. Taylor

  • TESOL Pre-Convention Institute (4-hour workshop). Seattle WA, (3/20/2007)

Finding the right recipe for teaching pronunciation
H. Gray & K. Taylor

  • TESOL Pre-Convention Institute (4-hour workshop). Seattle WA, (3/20/2007)

To understand and be understood: A pronunciation workshop for ESOL teachers
K. Taylor

  • Vienna Presbyterian Church, Vienna, VA. (3/14/2007)

Introduction to teaching English as a second or foreign language
K. Taylor

  • Foreign Service Institute, Overseas Briefing Center, Alexandria VA. (Twice annually, 2000-2005)

NNES teachers become effective pronunciation teachers
B. Brady, K. Taylor, & M. Kim

  • TESOL Pre-Convention Institute (4-hour workshop). Long Beach CA, (3/29/2004)

English pronunciation for improved communication
K. Taylor

  • American University Law School, Washington DC. (Twice annually, 2003-2004)

Increase stress levels in your pronunciation class!
K. Taylor & S. Thompson

  • International TESOL Convention, Baltimore MD (3/29/2003)

Teaching pronunciation with an eye on Multiple Intelligences
H. Gray, K. Taylor & S. Thompson

  • Washington Area TESOL Convention, Annandale VA (10/13/2001)
  • TESOL Convention (4-hour workshop), St. Louis MO (3/1/2001)

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