Find Out What Your Brain is Hiding From You (Attend the Webinar)

May 19, 2016 by admin

With so much that your brain needs to attend to consciously, it’s a good thing that the way you speak is largely hidden from you. Sure, you may notice someone’s accent as different than yours, but by and large the way you speak is automatic (and when it’s not, that’s precisely when you get tongue-tied or trip over a word). Join Karen as she guides you toward three game-changing discoveries about spoken English.

Phonological Awareness for Language Specialists: Sound Practices

Target Audience: ESL Teachers, Speech Language Pathologists, Reading Specialists, Literacy Tutors, and Accent Coaches

Skill Level: All levels of expertise

Phonological awareness, typically hidden from us by our own brains, is an essential foundation for the effective teaching of oral/aural language. Often confused with phonemic awareness, phonological awareness helps us make sense of the differences we occasionally note (and more often don’t notice) between written and spoken English. In short, what you think you’re doing when you speak English is often quite different from what your learner perceives.

In this workshop participants will:

  • learn what phonological awareness is, why it is hidden from our consciousness, how it intersects with phonemic awareness, and how a lack of phonological awareness can lead to misguided teaching practices
  • participate in three dynamic phonological awareness-raising activities that can be adapted to classrooms for learners of various ages and levels to support speech development, pronunciation, phonemic awareness, vocabulary development, and reading
  • explore the need for a field-wide change in the way we talk about speech sounds, specifically vowel sounds, for the sake of our learners’ success.

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Presenter: Karen Taylor
Moderator: Lorna D. Sikorski
Duration: 1.5 hours live online
Date: May 25
Time: 2:30-4:00p.m. MST
Fee: $79

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