ELTS collaborates with governmental, non-profit, and private organizations to provide teachers of English and their learners with highly effective, engaging instructional materials, training, and support.

Our Partners

Blue Canoe Learning

Blue Canoe logoELTS has partnered with Seattle-based tech company Blue Canoe® since 2016 to create a game-based pronunciation learning app based on the Color Vowel System. Now an award-winning mobile app, Blue Canoe combines AI and speech recognition with Color Vowel-infused feedback to provide users with real-time feedback on their spoken English. The educational philosophy behind Blue Canoe centers on word and phrase stress as the primary element of comprehensible speech and effective second language listening in English.

Blue Canoe is used by companies world wide to support their employees and increase productivity. If you are a ESL coach or a school and are interested in using Blue Canoe with your students, contact For more information, visit Blue Canoe.


U.S. Department of State

The U.S. Department of State’s Office of English Language Programs maintains a long-term copyright licensing agreement to make The Color Vowel® Chart accessible to teachers world-wide.

English teachers outside the U.S. can request full-color posters of The Color Vowel Chart through their Regional English Language Officer via U.S. embassies and consulates. This laminated poster comes with detailed instructional notes on the back side. As of August 2018, over 10,000 posters of the Color Vowel Chart have been distributed to English teachers around the world.

To further support English language teachers in their effective use of the Color Vowel Chart, ELTS delivered a live 70-minute webinar to over 1,600 participants through the Office of English Language Programs.

If you teach English outside the US, visit the American English website and contact your Regional English Language Officer (RELO) to request materials.

Intercambio Uniting Communities

Intercambio and ELTS have been collaborating since 2014 to include the Color Vowel Chart in Intercambio’s six-level textbook series, Interactive English. This special collaboration puts the Color Vowel Chart into the hands of thousands of ESL teachers, tutors, and adult English language learners across the United States as part of a high-quality, affordable curriculum that addresses the needs of adult immigrants and their families.

Intercambio’s Executive Director, Lee Shainis, made a radical decision for the textbook series, replacing its conventional, alphabetized glossary with a Color-Vowel-coded pronunciation glossary featuring the words in the order they appear by chapter. Now instead of navigating phonetic transcriptions, learners simply see words like “teacher – GREEN” and “student – BLUE,” making for a simple glossary that powerfully guides the learner speak with confidence.


U.S. Peace Corps

In 2014, ELTS developed a 6-hour training as part of the new Peace Corps TEFL Certification program. The modules, which focus on the teaching of pronunciation, include the Color Vowel™ Chart and its accompanying multi-modal teaching methods as a way of providing new teachers and their students with an effective, accessible, practical, tool for learning new vocabulary and mastering spoken English.

The Peace Corps TEFL Certificate is currently offered to Peace Corps Volunteers in Albania, Armenia, Benin, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Kyrgyz Republic, Madagascar, Moldova, Nicaragua, Rwanda, and Thailand.

Washington Literacy Center

Washington Literacy Foundation logoELTS has partnered with the Washington Literacy Center since 2017 to develop innovative brain-based literacy interventions for adults with speech difficulties, low-literacy and/or dyslexia. WLC serves adult learners, including native English speakers and English language learners.

Hindu American Foundation

Hindu American Foundation logoELTS recently collaborated with the Hindu American Foundation to develop a lesson tool kit for Grade 4-6 classrooms to promote familiarity with Hindu culture and the Hindu celebration of Holi. By integrating the Color Vowel Approach into the Holi Kit, teachers and children are provided with a clear, effective strategy for pronouncing and using new vocabulary that appear in three folktales that form the cornerstone of the lesson. The Holi Kit became available in Spring of 2019.

What Our Partners Say About Us

“We saw that teachers love using the Color Vowel Chart, so Intercambio now includes it in all curriculum we produce. For many English learners here, the CVC has led to life-changing breakthroughs around pronunciation! ”
Lee Shainis, Founder • Intercambio Uniting Communities • Boulder (CO)
“The Color Vowel System is such a fundamentally innovative and effective methodology that we built our company, Blue Canoe Learning, on it. We digitize it, scale it with speech recognition and machine learning, and create games and activities using it. Now anyone with a smart phone can play the Blue Canoe app and leverage the Color Vowel System to improve their English pronunciation and ability to communicate effectively. We are making such a wonderful impact on people’s lives, and ELTS and Color Vowel are an integral part of why we are successful!”
Sarah Daniels, CEO of Blue Canoe
“I find the way the elements of your training sessions weave themselves together genuinely elegant. It isn't just a "bag of tricks to deal with different problems" … there’s a sense of integrality and completeness in what you have developed overall.”
Brock Brady, U.S. Peace Corps Specialist (Washington DC)

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