Launch Pad (5th Ed.)


The perfect way to introduce learners to the Chart

Our ready-to-go introductory lesson features the Color Vowel Chart on one side and the Color Vowel Organizer on the other. Printed in color on handy 70 lb paper, each 8.5″ x 11″ pad contains 50 copies, all 3-hole punched and ready for your learners.


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The perfect way to introduce learners to the Chart

Our ready-to-go introductory lesson features the Color Vowel Chart on one side and the Color Vowel Organizer on the other. Printed in color on handy 70 lb paper, each 8.5″ x 11″ pad contains 50 copies, all 3-hole punched and ready for your learners.

This product is ideal for high-beginning through advanced English learners, aged 12 and older. Learn how to make the most of your Launch Pads by watching our instructional video.

“The Launch Pad is the tool that brings it all together. My students have had fun with the Color Vowel card game, but I was concerned that they didn’t understand the purpose behind it. The Launch Pad helps solve that problem. By reinforcing the relationship between the sounds of the words, rather than the spelling, learners begin to feel more comfortable speaking. The CV organizer lets them keep their own record of the sounds of words, especially new vocabulary words, and is a good tool to help them practice those sounds at home.”
The tool that brings it all together
M. Hoffman • OR
“The Color Vowel Launch Pad is the perfect jumping off point for my students! It clearly and efficiently revealed to them why English can be difficult, while quickly providing a well needed and easy to understand solution.”
The perfect jumping-off point
Laura McIndoo • Central New Mexico Community College • NM
“I knew the minute I saw it that this tool would be just what was needed for making the initial presentation(s) to my class. Everything on it is available elsewhere, or could be written on a board. But having all these things together in one easy-to-use package is SO much better. Every student has an excellent view of the chart, and can touch it and take it home. (It’s much larger than the mini-charts–which I also give them–, and more affordable than the full-page binder inserts for those who have large or multiple classes. It is clearly printed (which my writing on the board may not be) for the two questions on the front bottom, and you don’t have to erase #1 to get to #2. They co-exist in all their stunning aha-ness. The part above the chart also helps shape the lesson. The Color Vowel Organizer on the back includes the colored images as well as the color names, very useful to people of any level new to the chart, and thus superior to the blackline version for an introduction. The new shape of the 4th edition version is also helpful. Finally, like a rocket launched, it also has utility through a couple of additional “stages” as you return to it multiple times before the scaffolding is no longer needed, and other products pick up the payload to continue the learning journey.”
All in one place!
Linda Chang • MD
“A great tool for introducing the Color Vowel Chart as well as when working small group with students around the Color Vowel Chart!”
Great tool!
Jan McClellan • MO
“The launch pad is the perfect tool for teachers who are itching to use the Color Vowel Chart but have struggled to implement it into lessons. With the launch pad, the lesson is there, ready to go!”
Ready to go!
Courtney King • CA
“Perfect for teachers who are new to using the Color Vowel Chart and who might need a little structured help in taking those first steps to making the Chart part of their curriculum. It’s also a convenient alternative for experienced Color Vowelists. This activity can be used to introduce the CVC concept to learners of just about any level.”
Perfect for teachers new to the Color Vowel Chart
Jennifer Campion • VA
“The Color Vowel Launch Pad is an excellent introduction and graphic organizer to ensure smooth sailing for new learners.”
Carol Hodges (VA)
“We saw that teachers love using the Color Vowel Chart, so Intercambio now includes it in all curriculum we produce. For many English learners here, the CVC has led to life-changing breakthroughs around pronunciation! ”
Life-changing breakthroughs
Lee Shainis, Founder • Intercambio Uniting Communities • Boulder (CO)
“The Color Vowel System is such a fundamentally innovative and effective methodology that we built our company, Blue Canoe Learning, on it. We digitize it, scale it with speech recognition and machine learning, and create games and activities using it. Now anyone with a smart phone can play the Blue Canoe app and leverage the Color Vowel System to improve their English pronunciation and ability to communicate effectively. We are making such a wonderful impact on people’s lives, and ELTS and Color Vowel are an integral part of why we are successful!”
Fundamentally innovative
Sarah Daniels, CEO of Blue Canoe
“I can't thank you enough for an amazing experience [at Color Vowel Basics] this weekend. The Color Vowel Approach provides the strategy and structure I was looking for on behalf of my students. I can't wait to begin sharing it with them [next week]. The work you have done is truly remarkable. It's true that simplicity lies at the far side of complexity.
Amazing experience
Amy Reavey, Literacy Volunteer (NJ)
“I love using the Color Vowel Chart because it works! Student feedback on the system is so positive. I have students who tell me how helpful it has been not only for pronunciation, but also for spelling, specifically for students for whom the Roman alphabet is new. English spelling and pronunciation is challenging, and I am so thankful to have this resource!”
It Works!
Vanessa S. ESL Teacher, WA
“When I learned about it, I sensed that The Color Vowel Chart would be a great autonomous learning tool for students of English pronunciation, but I didn't realize that so many English teachers in Central America would agree with me. When I presented it at local TESOL Conferences, everyone pulled out their phones to take pictures of the chart and the activities we were doing in groups. There was even applause on one occasion when I told them that there are free activities they can download from the website.”
A great autonomous learning tool
Rebecca Wilner, ESL Specialist, Washington DC
“The Color Vowel Chart allows my actor, broadcaster and executive clients to instantly see the color of the sound they are mispronouncing or mixing. The visual cuing speeds up the recognition time of the sounds! I think the Color Vowel Chart is the most brilliant thing I have ever seen. It has really changed the way we work at the Speech and Accent Academy!”
It’s the most brilliant thing
Lisa Jeffries, Executive Speech Coach (FL)
“I've used the Color Vowel Chart extensively, from tutoring individuals privately to teaching classes of International Teaching Assistants. This chart gets around the difficulty students have in hearing non-native vowel sounds (what good is it to distinguish, say, "bed" from "bead" when, to a student, both vowels sound the same?). The Color Vowel Chart lets students see the sounds instead. So even though students might not be able to hear the difference between "bed" and "bead", they can certainly recognize the difference between the colors RED and GREEN. Using this language of colors allows me to convey sounds to students without their having to hear them. Students learn to produce the sounds of the colors before their ears actually recognize the differences in vowel sounds. In this way, the Color Vowel Chart scaffolds the process of acquiring non-native phonological features.”
It lets students SEE the sound
Charles Duquette, Maryland English Institute
“Who doesn’t love card games? My middle school students find Color it out! extremely engaging and I find it a powerful tool to introduce and review complicated sounds and spellings in English. In fact, I used Color it out! to introduce my students to the Color Vowel Chart before ever "teaching" them about it. I found it a very natural point of entry for the Chart. Since then, we have been exploring additional ways to use the Color it out! cards, such as Dominoes and Go Fish. A fantastic, fun, and very powerful resource!”
Color it out! is extremely engaging.
Michael Connors, E.L. Haynes Middle School, Washington DC
“One of my favorite things about the [Color Vowel] Chart is the way that it visually brings attention to the differences among the English vowels--differences that students may not be able to hear. I also like how the Chart has allowed me to incorporate pronunciation into other aspects of my classes. While students are working together on any task, if I hear a major pronunciation problem I can say, "change your vowel from 'blue' to 'mustard' for that word," and the student is usually able to improve her pronunciation.”
A tool for improvement
Jody Gabler, ESL Teacher (NY)
“This training was phenomenal. I learned an innovative but easy way to teach students about the many different sounds that vowels can make. The Color Vowel Chart is easy to learn and uses the different modalities of learning to reach every type of learner.”
K-12 ESL Teacher, Pueblo City Schools (CO)

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